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TUGBOAT VAPE Our shop offers original Tugboat brand products, among which we have selected the current and sought-after series for our catalogue. These are single-use devices that are small in size and weight and come in sleek and comfortable designs. With durable plastic housings, the models won’t slip out of your fingers, are resistant to stress and won’t leak.

The standard  comes with a high power battery, fluid cartridge and heating coil. As these are fully automatic devices, they are triggered by a puff. You inhale, the air passes through the battery and the sensors on it react. tugboat vape disposable The liquid begins to heat up and vapou is released. You don’t need to recharge or refill a batteries, once you’ve finished charging or juicing, just throw the device away and choose a new one.

tugboat disposable Besides the concise and convenient design, Tugboat vapes of all series feature a wide palette of flavors. Among them, there are classic and original combinations with fruity, berry, refreshing notes,. and for connoisseurs of tobacco smoke there are models with the taste of tobacco of the best varieties

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