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Heets Iqos Uae All Flavour In Dubai

Heets” are tobacco sticks specifically designed for use with IQOS device. These sticks are intended to provide a smoke-free and potentially less harmful alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. When used with an IQOS device, the tobacco in Heets sticks is heated, rather than burned like in conventional cigarettes.

Heets come in various flavors and variants, offering a range of tastes to cater to different preferences. The availability of Heets flavors and options can vary by region
Heets” are a brand of heated tobacco sticks designed to be used with IQOS devices. IQOS, developed by Philip Morris International, is a heated tobacco system that aims to provide a smoke-free and potentially less harmful alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. When you use an IQOS device, it heats the tobacco in the Heets stick, rather than burning it like in traditional cigarettes. This process generates a tobacco vapor with nicotine that is inhaled by the user. Heets come in various flavors and are designed to be used exclusively with Heets IQOS Uae devices.
Flavor Profile:
Heets Sienna Selection: Known for its tobacco flavor .Purple: This could refer to a specific variant or flavor, but I don’t have detailed information about it. Silver: Similarly, this could be a variant or flavor that I don’t have specific details on. Yellow: Typically represents a milder tobacco flavor.Green Zing: This might indicate a menthol or mint-flavored variant. Bronze: Could be another variant with its unique flavor or characteristics. Summer: I don’t have specific information about this variant, but it could be a seasonal or limited-time flavor. Heets Dubai

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