Smooth 5000 Puffs Disposable


Brand – Smooth-5000 Puffs
Output Power – 9.6-11.5W
Coil Resistance – 1.2ohm
Puffs – 5000 Puffs
Nic – 2%

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Smooth 5000 Puffs Disposable Vape Ultrathin and Ultralight Disposable box, is Beyond the extraordinary With 10 mle-liquid, It ensures exceptional life. Every Day Battery comes with TYPE C Charging. Smooth Flavor with Mesh Technology. Soft Silicone prophet, and a futuristic luminous effect, all enhance your vaping

experience. Smooth 5000 Disposable Specifications Brand – Smooth– 5000 Airs Affair Power –9.6-11.5 W Coil Resistance –1.2 ohm Puffs – 5000 MTL & DTL Puffs Nic – 2 Smooth 5000 Disposable Features Unique Design, Stunning all round The Distinctive design makes it outstanding in all disposable vapes. Ultrathin and super small body with metalic makeup, along with soft silicone mainframe, rounded corners, and index lights. Hold it and you ’ll love it. Soft Silicone prophet One of the biggest highlights is the soft silicone prophet. With flat-structured design, it better fits your lips and comfortable in your mouth Mesh Technology,

Disposable Vape: As with most disposable e-cigarettes, there’s no need for charging or refilling.

Born for Flavors Our Mesh Coil gets a big upgrade in vaping effciency, boosting the nicotine delivery. TheE-liquid can be completely automized to deliver smooth flavor and satisfying throat successes. 5000mAh Battery, All Day Battery Life With low power consumption technology, it can insure a whole day of use after a full charge. No Oohing in mouth or fund. Smooth 5000 Disposable Includes 1x Smooth 5000 Disposable

Vaping and Smoking Cessation: Some individuals use disposable e-cigarettes as a smoking

Grape strawberry
Virginia tobacco
Grape ice
Omania mango
Berry lite
Double apple
Coconut honey
Strawberry kiwi
Watermelon ice
Banana vimto
Georgian peace
Watermelon strawberry Coffee cream

Classic Tobacco
Blueberry bomb
The SMOOTH 5000 is a disposable box that’s ultrathin and lightest. With 10 ml ofe-liquid, it ensures an exceptional continuance. The All Day Battery charges via TYPEC. Silky taste is produced by Mesh Technology.


Grape strawberry, Virginia tobacco, Grape ice, Omania mango, Berry lite, Double apple, Coconut honey, Strawberry kiwi, Watermelon ice, Banana vimto, Georgian peace, Watermelon strawberry, Coffee cream carame, Classic Tobacco, Blueberry lemon, ccc

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