Myle V5 Meta Device


Myle V5 meta Device
LCD Screen: LCD digital Screen
Tracker: Puffs count tracker
Battery: 380 mAh Battery with life indicato

Compatible Myle v5 pods
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The Myle V5 Meta device In Dubai, is the rearmost member of the Myle family, precisely designed to deliver a decoration vaping experience. Prepare yourself for the ultimate vaping trip with the V5 cover tackle! This groundbreaking device presents a satiny and swish design, a important battery, and a long- lasting cover cartridge. Enjoy the comfort of its stoner-friendly draw- actuated system, malleable wattage settings, and LED index light. With V5 cover tackle you can edit your vaping experience and can prize the perfect megahit every time.

Disposable V5 Meta Device Features The device is make with an TV digital screen, furnishing clear and easy- to- read information at a regard. Keep track of your vaping habits with the erected- in airs count shamus, Disposable Vape
, allowing you to cover your operation. Enjoy continued vaping sessions with the important 380mAh battery, which comes with a handy life cadence to let you know how important juice is left. You can use the glamorous connection system to snappily attach and detach capsules, icing a secure fit and simple use.
This means you can feel confident that the connection is stable and dependable. With the Type C bowl, you can enjoy the advantage of fast and effective charging for the device.

Myle V5 Dubai Available Colors

Elite White

Navy Blue R

acing Green

Jet Black  All Colors Available In Dubai Vape Zone , Uae


The new Myle V5 Meta Device is the rearmost addition to the Myle Vape product line.

Myle V5 Meta Pod System tackle is the rearmost addition to the Myle family, designed to give a superior vaping experience. This state- of- the- art cover system features a range of advanced features that make it stand out from other vaping bias on the request. Get ready to witness the ultimate vaping experience




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